Independent Team Conference

One of our Independent Grocery teams were back in action this week at their annual conference held in Melbourne, the first since 2019! The team had a full two days of excitement working through the 2023 plan, taste testing new products and touring the factory. We are fortunate to work in such an exciting category that … Read more

Field & Operations Conference Sydney

Recently our Field Operations team all got together to re-connect and recharge for a busy Q4 and beyond! They spent a few days not only building on their skills but also enjoying the time together and spending time with our client service teams. A great team of people doing amazing work!

Virtual Team Conference

How to hold a conference when you can’t be in the room together?? Well, one of our teams decided for a “Go virtual or go home, or do both” solution. We all still can’t quite fly into one place for a conference yet, so instead one of our teams came together in each state, following … Read more

Google Pixel Announce day training – relaunch back to field to train partners on new products

Our friends at Google just announced more amazing products, check them out! What did we do? All aboard the training train! Our team managed to train 400 people across around 300 stores during Google’s new product announcement week. The team we able to connect with our partners in store, on line, every which-way they could! … Read more