New Edition of ShopperPANEL!


Today we launch the 5th edition of the ShopperPANEL Retail Report. In this edition we look at the current retail landscape, with an emphasis on the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to have on retail habits.

This report combines data from over 500 respondents within our shopper team specifically diving into their retail experiences and expectations and takes a lens to the impact that the continual lockdowns are having on shoppers across Australia.

Some key outtakes:

  • Shoppers are willing to spend more with 1 in 3 respondents spending more than expected in-store, prompting the debate around the impact of stock availability and potential decrease in budget restricted purchasing.
  • Purchases are more planned than ever before with 71% of respondents making planned purchases driven by research before visiting store.  This will put an increased focus on changing habits around impulse purchases.
  • Stock issues continue to be the biggest roadblock to sales with 44% of respondents noting that their chosen product was out of stock however shoppers are open to alternate options – Visibility and range are key to overcoming this challenge.
  • Sky high confidence in the Omnichannel shopping experience continues to grow with 91% of respondents more than comfortable with the end to end experience driven by lockdowns moving retailer visits to click & collect.

Have you performed your health check on in-store activation and your online presence? 

Have you got the on shelf basics right?

Do you have real time visibility to execution and a plan to maximised your on shelf visibility?

Contact us if you’d like to understand how we can help you win in a new retail environment.

Click here to download the full version: