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The Importance of Resilience

Building resilience is a hot topic within many businesses at the moment. It is becoming more important as businesses realise the benefits of having team members that can cope with stress, work within an environment of change and generally cope with challenges that come their way in an effective and efficient manner. In a client service environment, this is often critical.

  1. Psychological resilience is defined as an individual’s ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity. Stress and adversity can come in the shape of family or relationship problems, health problems, or workplace and financial stressors, among others. In the work environment, research has shown that higher levels of resilience often result in higher productivity levels, high employee engagement and overall happiness.

As Kellie Lewis, GM Wellbing, Sentis writes about, some people naturally display more resilience than others but the good news is that resilience is a skill that can be learnt and therefore developed.

Such is the importance being placed on developing resilience in people, primary schools have implemented the ‘Resilience Doughnut’ model as a foundation for later in life.

Making the most of our ‘resilience assets’ as a support, is often critical. Some of these assets include:

  • Relationships: the people who give us social and emotional support and practical help.
  • Emotional intelligence: the ability to understand and work with our own feelings and those of others.
  • Competence: the knowledge and skills that enable us to solve problems and get things done.
  • Optimism: the realistic, experience-based positive attitude and thinking pattern that helps us deal with challenges and disappointments with a sense of hope.
  • Coping skills: the tools we use to reduce stress and deal with difficult situations.

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Simone Heath – Client Service Director