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The ‘Elusive’ Great Customer Experience

I recently read a great article in which the author explored the question of, “why is great service hard to find?

It really got me thinking…

I believe that most companies in the Aus / NZ market have come to the understanding that the customer is now more than happy to tell you what they want, expect and think.

Knowing this is one thing, but knowing how to listen, engage and connect with your customers is another.

These are the questions we always get asked:

  • How do we engage our customers via their preferred communication method (email, SMS, phone etc)?
  • How do we capture regular feedback from customers on their experience at various touch points?
  • How do we automatically interpret a customer’s feedback in real time via a Voice of Customer dashboard?
  • How do we close the loop and take action on this feedback?
  • How do we learn, share and coach all team members on the above?

The answers to the above are unique for each company. But we are proud to say that we work in partnership with various companies and have found solutions to all these difficult questions.

Andrew Holmes РBusiness Development Director