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Running a Cleaner and Greener Office

Just because the official Clean up Australia Day™ only happens once a year, doesn’t mean that we can slacken off for the other 364 days. Keeping our office space clean and environmentally friendly should be at the forefront of our minds all year long.

Here are some top tips for ensuring we run a greener office

  1. Printing documents only when the physical document is necessary. If you need to print, ensure it’s double sided, reuse scrap paper and only print in colour if you absolutely have to
  2. Have regular clean up time once a week. Clean your desk, keyboard and sort out your paper work that has been piling up all week
  3. Help conserve power by turning off or putting your computer into sleep mode when you are away from your desk
  4. Bring your lunch to work in reusable containers and avoid plastic bags or disposable containers
  5. Take pride in your workplace; if you see a dirty mug or plate lying around, take it to the kitchen
  6. Recycle, recycle, recycle! Make sure all paper and cardboard waste is separated, and dispose of all printer waste appropriately
  7. Bring a reusable coffee mug to your favourite shop and get the barista to use it, rather than contributing to the waste of disposable plastic and cardboard cups
  8. Avoid plastic drink bottles –  purchase a good quality BPA free drink bottle to refill and keep by your desk
  9. When purchasing new office equipment or machinery, make sure you do your research and are purchasing the most energy efficient and green option
  10. If possible, avoid driving into work. Think of alternative options, like carpooling or public transport or even ride or walk all or part of the way