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Procter and Gamble Annual Awards – GM Award for Best Business Partner

P&G awards

Creative Activation was awarded the GM Award for Best Business Partner.

A special thanks for Dan C & Pete V who have done an outstanding job in the last 12 months step changing our field execution, team capability and relationships in store.

Thanks also to Michael O and his team for the work on the In Store Ambassador and IG businesses, Jo B and the HR team for their HR and recruitment support across field and BAs.

Thanks to the P&G program management and operations team for their hard work in enabling the field and giving the best chance to execute with excellence.

The biggest thanks of all goes to our field team. You make the magic happen. When we collected this award, your magic moments were showcased. Proshield & Vicks displays were highlighted and your mega displays described as inspiring.

This award is for you!

P&G GM business award 2017