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Our New Coles Mystery Shopping Program

We have recently expanded our partnership with Coles which sees us providing Mystery Shopping services across the Coles portfolio. March has seen us kick off measurement and customer experience programs with Coles Supermarkets which are aimed at better understanding the intricacies of the supermarkets’ different checkout points. The program involves our mystery shoppers purchasing a list of nominated goods and measuring their experience of the transaction.

The first three weeks of activity have already been completed with a focus on transactions through the main lane checkouts. This week we will be commencing our new piece of work where we have asked our shoppers to process their full trolley of items themselves using the Assisted Checkout facilities. The key measures that we are aiming to determine are the ease of use of the assisted system and the level of customer service received.

Our shoppers are loving this new program as it gives them an opportunity to complete their regular Coles shopping and get paid for it!