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MS Society Gong Ride 2014

Whilst our Executive Chairman Bruno Maurel is committed to finding a Cure for Cancer, he is also a long time supporter of the MS Society’s “Gong Ride”. A cause close to my heart as my mother has MS and it’s been a long battle to keep Mum at home and living a quality life.

Bruno is once again riding in the MS Gong ride and this year has a goal to raise at least $3,000.

The following story will give you an insight into the challenges people suffering from MS face.

Here is Stephen’s story …he was diagnosed at the age of 22

 Imagine waking up paralysed from the waist down. I did and stayed that way for 6 weeks. I’ve had a pretty tough time with my multiple sclerosis.

I wanted to be a chef and worked hard in an apprenticeship. After struggling with my symptoms for two years, I had to resign and re think my career path. I’m surprised I even lasted that long. My hands didn’t feel like my own anymore. I couldn’t feel hot or cold, hold a knife properly or keep my balance on the kitchen floor. I had to give up that dream and although I like to see the positives in my life, MS has taken away some opportunities that every young man should be able to have.

I have constant pins and needles in my hands and continuously have a burning sensation over my whole body. Touching or hugging someone hurts, holding hands is excruciating. Most days things that people take for granted cause me pain – I feel like I’m being burnt alive.

My friends and family often forget that I have MS because it is NOT VISIBLE & I’M ALWAYS SO POSITIVE. Although I don’t like to whinge about it, I know it’s important to raise awareness about this disease so that one day, someone like me won’t have to go through the same experiences I have.

My life has been put on hold a lot because of this disease. The money you raise makes an incredible difference to people with MS and helps us face our challenges and retain our dreams.

So if you wish to support MS sufferers, please DONATE by clicking HERE

Nancy Smith-Roberts – Business Development Director