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Ironman™ Melbourne 2015 – Eddie Mazacotte

On Sunday 22nd March the annual IRONMAN Triathlon was held in Melbourne. The event holds specific significance for Creative Activation – with Tour de Cure being the official charity sponsor of the event and our very own Eddie Mazacotte our Billings Analyst from our Sydney office taking part in this grueling athletic challenge.

The IRONMAN Championship is not for the faint hearted, comprising of 3.8km swim, a 180km bike ride and finishing off with a casual 42.4 km run from Frankston to St Kilda. We caught up with Eddie once he had recovered to find out a bit more about his day…

CA: How long had you been training for the Ironman Challenge?

Eddie: The Ironman has been a 3-4 year journey to date; being a multi-disciplined sport, it has its challenges in coming up with the right training mix which is always naturally evolving. Along the way, training for the Ironman allows you to learn about ‘oneself’ and what is achievable by getting out of your comfort zone. I don’t really see training as ‘training’ as such, but more just a way of life

CA: Have you completed the challenge before?

Eddie: Yes – My First Ironman was in May 2014 in Port Macquarie

CA: How did the event compare to last year?

Eddie: I was extremely happy with Melbourne 2015 and found myself much stronger than my first Ironman. This improvement was in light of my training schedule being about halved last year for a while due to the wonderful birth of our baby boy ‘Alejandro’ in September 2014. However, I was delighted that the training plan was a success and delivered great results on the day

CA: What was your favourite part – Bike? Run? Or Swim?

Eddie: This was a tough one, as I enjoyed all of them for very different reasons. If I had to chose – I would have to say the run. The event volunteers, especially along the run, were amazing support; offering a great amount of encouragement when we needed it most. The local support was also tremendous with loads of signs, banners and dressed up support crew along the way. It was great to see the whole city get behind the event.

CA: What was your highlight of the event?

Eddie: The highlight for me was running towards St Kilda Beach after an amazing sunset and then seeing the finish line lights slowly lighting up the sky. The St Kilda strip was completely filled with supporters and to hear them cheer all the athletes who were just about to become Ironmen was simply amazing. Mike Reilly ‘The Voice of the Ironman’ kindly allowed me to say a few words after the finish line towards a cheering crowd – so getting to address the crowd in front of family and friends was just the icing on the cake

CA: Will you be back new year?

Eddie: The Ironman is a great event and there is much to learn and achieve not only on the day but throughout the whole process in getting there – this is what makes me want to come back 100%. The support network back home with family and friends is great and is what allows for all this to occur

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