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Google Brand Ambassador Conferences

Like the Google logo, the Google program prides itself on its vibrancy and dynamism, the qualities that come together to form the hard to define ‘Googliness’ we live by. As such, our Brand Ambassador team works hard and plays hard, and each Quarterly Google Conference takes this idea and packs it into three days of awesomeness that rival similar events such as the Olympics and the Renaissance (not setting the bar too high?).


Our conferences are a great opportunity for the team to come together from across the country and NZ to finally put real life faces to the Google Community profiles. All while partaking in activities (we love activities!) that help them build the skills they need to become better sales representatives and exemplify the brand to its Googliest.

Activities such as the Google Amazing Race, where the team ran amok in Sydney’s Darling Harbour area completing tasks that required them to break out of their comfort zone and build skills relevant to their role. They had to work as a team to solve puzzles and complete tasks that took them to the finish line. Pictured below is one such activity where they had to set up a conga line with a group of strangers, why? Just because! Also, it helped them gain skills in building rapport, which is the basis of the Google Ambassador role.


We also like to sneak a little bit of learning into all this craziness by presenting new products, program initiatives, processes & sales and presentation training. Mix in a little Google and we came up with a competitive sales scenario role play where state teams got together to best sell the new Chromecast to pop culture characters and celebrities. The winner received a golden trophy, passed down at every conference, and aptly dubbed The Android Cup™. Conveniently pictured in the triumphant hands of the Queensland team.


So that’s pretty much it, our conferences are an eclectic mix of training, learning, activities and socialising that bond the team, improve their skills and push their boundaries.

We love conferences!