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Fit for Business™ Breakfast

Recently I attended the Fit for Business™ Breakfast seminar series run by the Retail Doctor Group. One of the speakers was Peter Birtles, CEO of Super Retail Group who spoke about how his group tackles the challenges of leading the successful Rebel, Amart Sports, BCF & Supercheap Auto retail brands.

Peter was clear that it’s increasingly difficult to differentiate through price and product in this global and digital retail economy. He emphasised the increasing importance to build an emotional connection with target customers. Peter made a key statement that really stood out, “retail is people”™ and he doesn’t think this will change regardless of the impact of technology and the global environment. From my own mystery shops across the Super Retail Group I can certainly see in action how his business lives by this principle. They clearly have customer first and best people strategies alive today.

I find going along to events like the Fit for Business™ Breakfast seminar series provides a good platform to step back from the day to day.I don’t expect everything presented to be “silver bullet” insightful but I do find all content stimulates thinking and discussion with my client partners guests. If you are looking to find good sessions to attend keep your eye on the following sites:




Gerard Feehan – Managing Director