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CA Recruitment Goes Mobile!

It’s obvious that our Smart Phones are having an ever increasing impact on our daily lives. How lost do we feel when we leave our phone at home, or when the battery dies when you have no access to a charger? Our mobile phones have become more than just about communication, it’s now all about information.

Research has shown that 90% of Australian Smart Phone users search for local information via their phone and that we spend an average of 1 hour and 40 minutes everyday surfing the web on our mobiles (3rdsense).

In line with these growing trends, using our mobile phone for job searching has become a regular activity for busy commuters and people on the go. 74% of active job seekers have viewed a company website on their mobile, and 45% have also applied for a job via their device (LinkedIn). These statistics are constantly on the rise, which is why Creative Activation has launched our mobile centric recruitment solution.

The mobile platform is designed to interface directly into our new web site initiative – giving mobile users a fully functional and very effective experience to find jobs, review information and apply directly on their mobile devices. This allows us to connect with job seekers anywhere, anytime and provides a better candidate experience.